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Logistics Operations Services

L&M’s comprehensive logistics operations services have supported site mission requirements at locations such as NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA Johnson Space Center, NASA White Sands Test Facility, Department of Energy Waste Isolation Pilot Plant and Department of Energy Sandia National Laboratories. Our services include:

  • Purchasing-Supply and warehouse management
  • Inbound freight services
  • Chemical & hazardous material storage & inventory
  • Equipment management
  • Inventory control
  • Real and personal property management
  • Redistribution and utilization of equipment
  • Excess property disposal
  • Freight traffic management
  • Mail services
  • Vehicle fleet management/transportation
  • Purchasing-Moving & hauling
  • Office furnishings
  • Furniture repair and assembly
  • Space utilization and move coordination
  • Packaging, shipping & receiving
  • Rigging & hauling

Facilities Operations and Maintenance

L&M’s facilities operations and maintenance services include building, grounds and equipment. Our experience includes contracts at NASA’s White Sands Test Facility (WSTF), at the Department of Energy Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), and for United Space Alliance facilities in Houston, Texas and Cocoa Beach, Florida areas. L&M provides a wide range of services including:

  • Maintenance and repair of buildings & equipment
  • Critical systems and utilities operations
  • Fuel storage and distribution
  • Roads & grounds maintenance
  • Waste management
  • Transportation services
  • Clean water distribution and wastewater treatment operation
  • Emergency response systems
  • Janitorial services
  • HVAC, electrical, mechanical, plumbing services
  • Class 1 clean room operation and maintenance
  • Fire protection systems maintenance and repair
  • Energy management
  • Engineering and construction of new structures and systems
  • Modification of existing facilities & utilities
  • Heavy equipment operations

Documentation Management

L&M’s facilities operations often include documentation services. These services have ranged from development of test reports and presentations in support of testing at NASA’s White Sands Test Facility to maintenance and archival of Department of Energy environmental records and control of quality and engineering documents at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. Our services include:

  • Engineering document control, databases, distribution, and storage
  • Design/development/publication of reports
  • Records management
  • Project records archival and maintenance
  • Electronic document management
  • Configuration control
  • Library services

Staff Augmentation Support

L&M has served Department of Energy Sandia National Laboratories since 1987 with the staffing of various types of contracts. L&M’s experience also includes recruiting and providing 149 staff personnel for projects over a 7-year period at White Sands Test Facility. These included project engineers and scientists with specialized disciplines such as propulsion testing. L&M has provided staff for the operation and maintenance of the Microelectronics Development Laboratory (MDL) as well as other adjunct laboratories at Sandia.

Information Technology Applications and Services

In the areas of information technology applications and services, L&M has provided in-depth technical support in large, complex, enterprise-wide environments with leading edge cybersecurity initiatives. L&M provides system administrators as well as telecommunications engineers who design, develop, and administer large database environments as well as development of specialized applications to support risk assessment and engineering testing. L&M specialists provide telecommunications, network administration and security, and classified and unclassified videoconferencing services and asset management tools.