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Facilities M&O/Microelectronics R&D

Facilities M&O:
L&M has extensive experience in providing site infrastructure support services to major facilities. Experience includes prior contract operations at the White Sands Test Facility (WSTF) for NASA and current contract with the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) for DOE.

Over 120 individuals were employed by L&M in support of these efforts. L&M provides a wide range of services including building and equipment maintenance and operations, engineering, construction, roads and services, logistics, real property management landscaping and grounds maintenance, logistics, information technology, document management services, records management services, warehouse management, mail services and security.

L&M’s maintenance services includes electrical, HVAC, mechanical, painting, carpeting, plumbing, fire alarm systems and janitorial as well as clean water distribution and waste water treatment operation.

Our construction program includes efforts from fencing and test platforms to small facility construction up to $2M in value.

Microelectronics R&D:
L&M was involved in the microelectronics business area since 1987. Our staff of over 100 chemists, engineers, physicists, biologists, life scientists and technicians are involved with microelectronic technology advancement, device process technology, crystal growth and processing technology, microelectronic and optoelectronic integrated circuit development, and electronic, sensor and photonics device research.

Under L&M’s contracts with Sandia National Laboratories, services included staffing, operation and management of microelectronics laboratories. L&M employees were responsible for administrative and technical tasks associated with the safe, secure and efficient operations of microelectronics laboratories and fabrication facilities. L&M’s staff operated a Class 1 Clean Room facility where they fabricated integrated circuits for a large number of government and commercial customers in the semiconductor industry.

In addition to the R&D and fabrication activities, L&M provided operations and maintenance support associated with our work. These efforts included computer and applications and emergency response team for accidents and/or potential hazardous situations; property management services for buildings and equipment; shipping and receiving of supplies and equipment; environmental monitoring and reporting for air, water and solid waste discharges and disposal; building and equipment maintenance; and equipment calibration and repair.